Job Posting Credits

Job Posting Credits

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Your job postings will be seen by both our registered veteran candidates and unregistered users (our job search does not require registration, which creates more views to your jobs). Jobs posted to our site can also be found by searching in search engines such as Google and Bing.

Our veteran candidates view thousands of jobs per day, make sure yours is one of them.

Each credit allows you to post or renew one job for 30 days. Credit(s) are available for use for one year after date of purchase.

To get the most from your job posting, here are a few tips to maximize your results.

Annual Unlimited

This option allows you to post unlimited jobs for one year. As jobs expire, or are filled, you can add new ones at no additional cost.

There are several options for getting your jobs posted to our job board.

  • Manual Job Postings - This option requires you to manually post jobs through our web user interface. This is the standard methodology for job posting credits options.
  • Standard XML API - You can implement programming to post jobs via our API.
  • Custom XML Feed - If you need us to support an XML format other than our standard format, choose this option (you provide web endpoint and we crawl nightly, or you can push to us via FTP).
  • Custom Web Scrape - If XML is not an option, we can program a custom web scrape in most cases. Please contact us for technical review prior to purchase.

Not sure if your opportunity can be posted on our site? Feel free to read our Employer Usage Agreement.